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General Requirements

Baseball players

General requirements for participation in the Maryland & Delaware USSSA Baseball Program.

  • Any team playing in a USSSA sanctioned tournament must be properly registered with the State Office. The annual team registration fee can be paid online with a credit card at www.usssa.com. The team registration is effective from August 1 to July 31 of the following year.
  • Team rosters must be entered online. Once that's completed, the manager should print off the roster and get all the player and parent signatures. We are not requiring that you send a copy of your signed roster to the State Office but you must carry a hardcopy of the official USSSA roster with the team at all times which contain all player and parent (regardless of age group) signatures. Any players that are not currently participating on your team delete them from your online roster. PLEASE DO NOT SEND THE ROSTER TO THE NATIONAL OFFICE IN FLORIDA.
  • Birth Certificates do not need to be filed with the State Office, but legible copies must be kept with the team at all times. Failure to show a birth certificate on a player when that player's eligibility is questioned, or showing one that is determined by the tournament director or State Office to be fraudulent, will result in that player being ruled ineligible, and further sanctions may be levied against the team, the manager and/or player(s).
  • Proof of adequate insurance must be filed with the State Office two weeks prior to the team's first tournament. The insurance need not be issued through USSSA, but must provide at least $1 million in liability coverage. Every year there are teams that think they're adequately covered when in fact they either have no liability insurance at all (only accident coverage) or have very low liability limits.
  • When participating in any USSSA sanctioned tournament all teams must carry with them copies of their signed roster, birth certificates and proof of adequate insurance. Any or all of these items must be available for immediate inspection upon request of the tournament director. Failure to do so could result in loss of game, ejection from tournament, suspension for season, expulsion from USSSA, etc., with no refund of monies previously paid.
  • Any team that holds a USSSA sanction in a state outside of Maryland or Delaware must send copies of their proof of insurance to the State Office of MD and DE two weeks prior to participating in their first USSSA event in Maryland or Delaware. Once a non-MD or non-DE teams does this, that document will remain on file with the State Office and as long as the coverage doesn't change they will not have to submit it to the State Office for any subsequent tournaments they may play in Maryland or Delaware.

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