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Look Back Question

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27-Feb-2018 01:34 PM


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Question for the umpires out there, what constitutes the pitcher "making a play" on a runner when the ball is in the circle. 

If a pitcher turns to look at a runner, with the ball in the glove, and hand on the ball, is that making a play?

Runner on 3rd, B1 walks, catcher gets the ball to the pitcher in the circle, B1 never stops at 1st base and advances to 2nd. If pitcher turns to look at B1, but does not remove the ball/fake a throw and the runner on 3rd takes a fake step towards home, can she be called out because of look back rule? 

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27-Feb-2018 02:58 PM

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Any act by the pitcher in possession of the ball in the circle that, in the umpire’s
judgment, causes the runner to react; is considered making a play. 
The pitcher merely turning to look at a runner, with the ball in the glove, and hand on the ball, is NOT considered making a play.

The look-back rule is in effect when the pitcher has possession of the ball in the
pitcher's circle during a live ball and the batter-runner has reached first base. 

When the look back rule goes into effect, the runner off third must immediately go back or go home.
A runner standing on a base may not leave the base. 

John Dye
Maryland State UIC 

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