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27-Jul-2017 12:41 PM


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Runner on first base with a 0-0 count. Runner attempts to steal. The batter foul tips the pitch and the catcher cleanly catches the pitch. The runner advances to 2nd without a throw.

It is a strike on the batter, and it is my understanding it is just a swinging strike as long as the ball is caught without hitting the ground. So the runner remains at 2nd. I have seen umpires send the runner back to first citing a foul ball.

What is the correct ruling?

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02-Aug-2017 04:10 PM

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The answer to this question becomes complicated because the common use of the term “foul tip” is much broader than the strict rule book definition

By definition,a foul tip is a batted ball, which goes directly and speedily from the bat to the catcher’s mitt or hand and is legally caught by the catcher.

If it is indeed a rule book foul tip, it is a strike on the batter, the ball remains alive. By Rule 8.18.j, it is not necessary for the runner to retouch the base after a foul tip. The runner has legally stolen the base.

If the batted ball travels directly from the bat to any part of the catcher’s body or equipment other than the hand(s) or glove/mitt, it is a foul ball not a foul tip (even if caught). In this case or if the ball is not caught, it is a dead ball, foul ball. A strike on the batter. The runner must return to the base.

If the ball does not go directly to hand or glove and the catcher catches the ball by moving to first touch the ball with her hand or glove, it is a caught foul ball. The batter is out; the ball is live and the runner is subject to be put out on appeal for leaving the base early.

John Dye

Maryland State Umpire in Chief

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