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runner interference?

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runner interference?

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25-Jun-2017 07:02 PM


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When a runner leaves a base on a batted pop fly, but in the process of returning to the base runs into the fielder that's between the runner and the base, and the runner makes it back to the base before the fielder catches the pop fly, should the runner also be called out due to runner interference?

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26-Jun-2017 12:44 PM

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If the runner runs into the player who is fielding the ball, it is runner interference. The ball is dead immediately and the runner is out. Since the catch was made after the ball was dead, the batter would be placed on first base.

If the runner runs into a player not fielding the ball, it would be obstruction on the fielder. This is a delayed dead ball so play would continue and the batter would be out on the caught fly ball. The runner would be awarded the base they would have achieved had there been no obstruction. Probably the base where they started.

John Dye

Maryland State UIC

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26-Jun-2017 12:55 PM


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Thanks for the quick reply. 

When this happened in a game this weekend at the USSSA States 14UB tournament, the umpire called the batter out but let the runner remain on the base, which is not the rule but the same net effect.

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