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illegal pitch pause myth

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illegal pitch pause myth

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22-May-2017 10:44 AM


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It seems that about half the umpires call an illegal pitch due to a *lack of pause* on the rubber; however, there is ZERO  mention of a required PAUSE or MINIMUM time when a pitcher must be on the rubber, before delivering the pitch, although there is a maximum. So, is this just one of those rule myths or some loose interpretation of the rules?  

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22-May-2017 03:56 PM

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Below is the response from the State UIC regarding your inquiry:

Prior to pitching the pitcher must have both feet on the pitcher’s plate; have her hands separated with the ball in the hand or glove.

While she is in this position, she must simulate taking the sign from the catcher.

This is the requirement for a pause before the pitch begins.

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