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USSSA Points

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USSSA East Points Incentive Program

Points are awarded to member teams, based on their order of finish in USSSA Events. With so many of our teams accruing many points over the course of the season, we have decided to put those points to work for our teams!

The following chart breaks down how points are awarded for events

Place Orlando World Series National Championships State Tournament NIT Qualifiers
1st 650 450 300 225 75
2nd 350 300 225 165 55
3rd 300 250 200 135 45
4th 250 225 175 120 40
5-6th 200 200 155 105 30
7-8th 150 175 130 90 25
9-12th 110 150 110 75 20
13-16th 70 125 70 60 15
17-24th 40 100 40 30 10
25-32nd 20 50 20 20 10
33rd+   25 10    

*Note: All teams participating in USSSA Showcase events will receive 100 points, regardless of tournament results.

Here are the new and improved point system benefits for all of our teams:

  • The team with the most points as of the start of a tournament will have choice of Home or Visitor in Pool Play. If teams are tied, Home or Visitor will be determined by a coin toss.
  • When two teams with the same seed meet in Championship Play, the team with the most points as of the start of the tournament will have choice of Home or Visitor. If teams are tied, Home or Visitor will be determined by a coin toss. Note: If different seeded teams meet in Championship Play, the higher seed will still have choice of Home or Visitor.
  • Seeding for the State Tournament will continue to be determined by a weighted average of USSSA Points and USSSA Power Rankings.
  • At the conclusion of the season (July 31), Delaware and Maryland (combined) teams in the top 5% of point earnings in 10U, 12U, 14U, 16U and 18U ages will win their choice of any Worth/Rawlings bat, two dozen new Worth Red Dot softballs and 25% off certain other Worth/Rawlings equipment to be made available through the new www.usssa1.com website.

Note: A, B & C classifications will be combined within each age and the winning quantity of teams will be rounded down to the nearest whole number (eg. If an age division has 93 Maryland and Delaware teams combined, then the top 4 point earners will receive the credit). Odd aged teams will be included with the appropriate even age group where they are eligible. For example, 13U teams shall be included with the 14U teams.

Credits must be used during the subsequent season for only events run by the USSSA East Office. Credit is non-transferrable and not redeemable for cash. In order to redeem a credit, a team must return at least two thirds of its roster and register by the same team name or as part of the same organization in the subsequent season. 

The following events will be NITs (3X Points) in 2017:

  • Diamonds R 4Ever – April 22 & 23
  • Wins for Warriors – May 27, 28 & 29
  • Blue-Gray Summer Shootout – July 1 & 2

The following events will be a part of the 2017 Double Points Weekends (select weekends where point values noted above in chart are double) in Maryland and Delaware:

  • Crabtown Crackdown and Salisbury Spring FASTival – April 29 & 30
  • The Black Eyed Susan and First State Frenzy I – May 20 & 21

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